Redsense new monitor & sensors

Having listened to customer feedback, Redsense have been developing, over the last couple of years, a new 2nd Generation monitor.

The new monitor, which was released earlier in 2014, is providing positive customer reviews and has overcome a number of issues raised with the 1st generation alarm unit.

Their patented technology has moved forward with the latest monitor, which is now mounted on the machines drip pole and has a fixed connection to an electrical power outlet.

The infrared light now passes and returns through a single optical extension fibre, continually connected to the unit. A new sensor patch has been developed to only have a single connection point resulting in less likelihood of connection problems or connection point breakages.

Production of the new alarm unit, extension fibre and sensor patches meant that all previous production of the 1st generation alarm units and sensor patches ceased at the midpoint of 2013 and unfortunately all stock is now depleted.

Following extensive clinical trials during early 2014 at the VA group in the US and more recently here in the UK these monitors are now available for sale.

We have been in discussions with Redsense for several months now in relation to a new monitor which was designed to overcome the complaints and issues in relation to the previous model and how we manage the replacement program.

We have also now reached agreement with Redsense on how we phase in the new model.

Please contact either John or Chris to discuss requirements within your specific Unit.