Champion 527 Series

The Champion 527/526 Series have been designed for use within patient rooms and areas where overnight visitors are welcome. The most significant aspect of the chairs is that they promote a healthy healing environment for medical patients. By enabling their loved ones to remain nearby and comfortable, the pressures of treatment can be reduced.

This Loveseat has been manufactured to maximise comfort; whilst it’s also incredibly durable and easy to operate. Offering nine relaxing positions – from upright to completely flat – it has independent controls which allow for independent use of the chair’s functions. Built using steel and wood construction, the Champion 527/6 Series offer long-term value for money.

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  • Nine positions with independent operations for both sides
  • Steel and wood construction with rear-locking caster wheels
  • Weight capacity (each side): 300lbs
  • Seat height: 19”
  • Seat width: 50”
  • Seat depth: 21”
  • Arm width: 2.5”
  • Overall height: 42”
  • Overall width: 61”
  • Overall length (seated position): 34”
  • Overall length (sleep position): 74”
  • Optional wood arm cap width: 3”