Champion 54 Series

The comfort of the patient is at the centre of the durable, powder coated steel-framed Champion 54 Series medical chair. The design includes pressure-reducing bodysoft foam that moulds to the body of the user, the patient can also easily adjust the recliner to the most appropriate position for them. This can vary from full upright right through to full trendelenburg head down recline. Some of the other notable features of the Champion 54 Series include its wall-hugger mechanism which allows use in small confined spaces and 2 foldable tables.

Ease of use, dependability and longevity are some of the characteristics that make this model popular in a variety of fields - including intensive care,day case surgery recovery, oncology, infusion therapy and dialysis.

Engineered for the most demanding of applications, the Champion 54 Series is suitable for overnight therapies and general round-the-clock use.

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  • Includes pressure-reducing foam seating 
  • All-steel frame and premium components to ensure durability
  • Wall-hugger reclining mechanism included
  • Quick-release seat and fold-away side table
  • Back height: (from floor/seat): 48"/29"
  • Overall width (2 table down/up): 32"/52"
  • Arm height from floor (front/back): 30"/27"
  • Seat height/depth: 22.5"/18"
  • Upright overall depth (w/handle): 47"
  • Trendelenburg depth (ext. length): 74"
  • Thermal plastic casters: 5"
  • Patient weight capacity: 300lbs (136Kg)