Champion Accessories

As well as providing the chairs themselves, we also offer a wide variety of Champion accessories that can be purchased as add-ons. These products – which come grouped under a number of logical categories - can help you to provide your patients with the best care that they possibly need:

  • Patient Convenience (Transmission Barrier, Bag Hook, Personal Items Storage bag)
  • Patient Comfort (Head Pillow, Cushion Wedge, Nocturnal Sleep Pad, Sleep Guards, BRK Sleep Guards and Foot Rest Extender)
  • Covers (Push Handle Cover, Head Flap Protector and Arm Covers)
  • Tables (Fold-Away Table, Over-the-Lap Table and two types of fold-away table)
  • IV and Oxygen Tank Holder (Oxygen Tank Holder, IV Pole, IV Bracket, IV Rolling Base and IV Pole Basket)
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