Redsense Monitor

Redsense is a patented venous needle dislodgement (VND) blood loss detection monitor which was specifically designed just to detect VND during a haemodialysis procedure.
Venous needle dislodgement or VND is when the access needle accidentally slips out of the fistula and the returning blood is pumped onto the bed or chair instead of back into the patient's bloodstream. As much as 400 ml of blood may be lost every minute and if not detected quickly the consequences may be catastrophic and in some cases has proved fatal.
The latest Redsense system now comprises of three parts, a sensor patch and an alarm unit connected together by an extension fibre optic cable. The non-invasive sensor patch itself utilises fibre optic technology which continuously monitors the venous needle access point.

In the event of a venous needle dislodgement the alarm unit sounds an alarm. This occurs due to attenuation of the infrared signal being transmitted between the alarm unit and the sensor patch.

Given that significant blood loss can easily occur when a venous needle becomes dislodged the Redsense Monitor is an essential piece of equipment that continues to enable dialysis professionals to keep patients safe.

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