Serumwerk 1xKlysma saline

1xKlysma is a phosphate containing saline solution for fast emptying of stool from the rectum in case of constipation, before surgery and diagnostic procedures e.g. colonoscopies or before births.

Phosphates are absorbed to a small extent due to the short retention time in the body and cause a gentle and effective emptying of the intestines.

Effective within a few minutes, suitable for patients over 6 years.

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Available package sizes:
1    × 135 ml (Art. Nr. 3319, PZN-01653804)
10 × 135 ml (Art. Nr. 3320, PZN-01321054)

1xKlysma saline: Ready-to-use enema solution.

Composition: 100 ml contain: Sodium dihydrogen phosphate 2 H2O 16.0 g; Disodium hydrogen phosphate2 H2O2.98 g; Sodium benzoate 0.12 g; Purified water.

This preparation is not suitable for infants and children under 6 years of age.